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Hide And Seek Scramble! New!

Three players. Two teams. One kidnapped bunny! Play as three different characters in this fast-paced, competitive multiplayer game for Mac and Windows.

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Send, receive, and print yearbook signatures digitally, all while social distancing.

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Quacking The Code New!

Engaging, animated coding tutorials, featuring a loveable duck.


Build, play, publish, and share custom racetracks in this infinite racing game! Available for MacOS and Windows.

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A collection of musical tools: beautiful chord tab printouts and theory algorithms.

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Mirror Dashboard

Open Source

A simple, streamlined interface for Smart Mirrors.

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Sequin Music

Sequin Music makes it easy to draft and share musical compositions from your browser– no physical instrument needed!

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DJQ by Sequin

Effortlessly manage song requests for live events, parties, or with friends. Attendees vote for songs using Spotify's song database.

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TaskForce Todos

Conquer your tasks with the aid of TaskForce, a unique todo app that works for everyone.

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Fish Simulator

Embark on an epic quest with Fish Simulator! It's easy to play, but hard to master. Available on Android and iOS.

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