Open Source


Equity Sticks

Electron desktop app for tracking class participation.


VEX Robotics Simulator

Virtual Reality driving practice simulator for the VEX Robotics Competition.

VEX Robotics Team 62 Webpage

Homepage for high school VEX Robotics team.

Internet of Things

Raspberry Pi Thermal Printer

All you need to make an Internet-connected Pi thermal printer, including Discord, Web and Google Calendar integration! Includes CAD, server, and web code.

Mirror Dashboard

A simple, streamlined interface for Smart Mirrors.

Magic Mirror Particle Status Module

Magic Mirror module to display device statuses.

Chrome Extensions

Change My Cursor

Fun extension to add custom cursors to Chrome. 50,000+ downloads.


Minecraft Manhunt

Robust Minecraft plugin for the Manhunt minigame, inspired by Dream on Youtube.

Combat Tag Keep Inventory

Minecraft plugin to manage Keep Inventory settings depending on whether a player is in combat.


Minecraft plugin to toggle sending messages automatically to team chat.

Rainbow Netherite

Minecraft resource pack to make netherite shiny rainbow.

Discord Bots

Music Player

Music bot for Discord that can search for and play audio from Youtube.

Rainbow Roles

Make your Discord user list a rainbow gradient with this bot.

Playlist Saver

Saves song links sent to Discord into Youtube Music and Spotify playlists.


Discord bot to allow easy scheduling of events.


Send Discord reminder messages for Google Calendar events.


Train Markov models using past message history to impersonate people on Discord.


DNA Wearables

OpenSCAD program to generate 3D-printed custom gene sequence friendship necklaces.


Minimax tic-tac-toe player, written in Python.